Accurex Introduces Energy Recovery Filter Systems for Kitchen Hoods

Accurex's new Energy Recovery Filter System incorporates energy recovery technology into kitchen exhaust hoods. The Energy Recovery Filter System captures the waste heat produced by the cooking appliances that would otherwise be exhausted from a kitchen hood and uses it to preheat a portion of the incoming water supply that is directed into the patented energy recovery filters. The water flowing through the filters captures the waste heat from the exhaust airstream, preheating the water supply. Preheating water before it enters a conventional water heater saves energy and reduces a restaurant's water heating costs. As an added benefit, the water flowing through the filters naturally lowers the hood temperature, condensing more grease from the airstream. Independent third party testing shows the highly effcient Energy Recovery Filter System remoes 88% of grease particles at 8 microns rsulting inreduced hood and duct cleaning costs as well.
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