Packaged Cooling Systems

Providing a comfortable kitchen space can improve employee productivity and retention while reducing operating costs. Accurex provides a full line of packaged cooling products from economical units to take the edge off the summer heat to high capacity units that cool and dehumidify for the most comfortable kitchens in the industry.

Utilizing the latest technology, Accurex provides comfortable and economical solutions with many integrated control options. Accurex’s Packaged Roof Top Units have been specially created for commercial cooking applications that require higher percentages of outside air.

  • Models XDGX, XIGX, XMSX

    Accurex modular make-up air unit models XDGX, XIGX and XMSX are available with a fully integrated packaged DX cooling option. These units are designed to provide sensible cooling to the kitchen with a 70 – 75 degree supply air temperature. An economical solution to improving kitchen comfort.


  • Model XRV

    Accurex XRV’s provide the ultimate comfort in kitchen and dining applications. These units offer precise temperature and humidity control and with a flexible return air all driven by state of the art control systems and available building management system interfacing.


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