Proximity Backshelf Hoods

If your kitchen has low ceilings, a pass thru window or other design criteria that a traditional canopy hood doesn’t meet, Accurex proximity hoods are the perfect solution. Industry leading flexibility with five dimensions of adjustment, the closeness to the cooking surface and PEL technology allows you to reduce the airflow required for capture, resulting in energy savings.

  • Proximity (Backshelf) Hoods

    Accurex proximity hoods are great for light and medium duty cooking lines as well as low ceiling applications. Lower hanging heights allow you to mount the hoods 10 in. to 36 in. Proximity hoods are also available with a pass over enclosure or plate shelf so you can adapt to your restaurant’s needs.


  • Proximity (Backshelf) Flue Bypass Hoods

    An ideal option for restaurants with fryer or griddle cooking lines, the flue bypass proximity hood directly removes the superheated flue air through a separate chamber behind the plenum bypassing the filters. This reduces the radiant heat load back onto the cooking staff and into the kitchen, creating a more comfortable and productive working environment. Additionally, the flue bypass method prevents grease from “baking” onto the filters making end of day clean-up faster and easier.


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