Ceiling and Cabinet Fans

Accurex offers the most comprehensive ceiling and cabinet exhaust fan lines in the commercial market. Ceiling and cabinet fans are engineered for ceiling and remote mounted clean air applications. We are the commercial market leader and back these fans with a three year warranty.

Accurex offers the broadest industry performance in a compact design with the lowest AMCA certified sound ratings in the industry.

  • Model XCR-A

    The XCR-A is a premium ceiling fan. It is in the top of its class when it comes to meeting sound requirements.


  • Model XCR-B

    The XCR-B is a deluxe ceiling fan compact enough for almost any application. If quiet is what you are after, this fan will accommodate your needs.


  • Model XCR-C

    The XCR-C is our economy ceiling fan designed for light commercial applications.


  • Model XIR-A

    The XIR-A is a premium inline fan. It outperforms the competition and is preferred by specifying engineers.


  • Model XIR-B

    The XIR-B is a compact deluxe inline fan. It is designed to fit in small remote quarters.


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