Model XRV

The model XRV is the ultimate in kitchen comfort. This  rooftop unit is specifically designed to condition and efficiently deliver 20 – 100% outside air into the space.

Varying outdoor air conditions and building loads create a serious challenge for building comfort. The XRV's control system and advanced temperature and humidity controls minimize energy consumption, while controlling outdoor air volume to maintain high indoor air quality and comfort.  

Product Features & Advantages:

  • Dehumidifies - High capacity (6-row) cooling coil provides proper dehumidification for a wide range of outdoor air conditions
  • Energy Efficient - Low leakage outdoor air and recirculated air dampers with modulating actuator provides energy saving control sequences and simplified air balancing
  • Easy Installation - Factory mounted and wired microprocessor controller proven control sequences with easy set point adjustment and seamless integration to BMS systems
  • Meets LEED Requirements - energy efficient control sequences
  • Economizer - maximizes free cooling; demand control ventilation - adjusts outdoor airflow to match building occupancy; airflow monitoring - stand-alone monitoring system to ensure proper ventilation and meet LEED requirements
  • Simple Airflow Adjustment - Direct-drive backward-inclined plenum fans with factory mounted VFDs: Provides precise airflow control via modulating fan speed; fast and simple airflow adjustment; eliminates belt losses and maintenance
  • Sanitary - Double-sloped insulated stainless steel drain pan: Prevents microbial growth caused by moisture build up in the drain pan; ensures that all condensate properly drains from the unit
  • Quality Construction - 2-inch double-wall construction with R8 insulation creates a barrier between the cabinet insulation and the supply airstream protecting the unit insulation from erosion which prevents unit condensation which could cause microbial growth
  • Control System – State of the art control system with building management system integration options

Options and Accessories

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Performance and Certifications

  • ETL Listed
  • AHRI Certified

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