Ansul R-102 Overlapping Fire Suppression System

The first line of defense against fire in a commercial kitchen is the fire protection system installed in the exhaust hood. The full flood/overlapping restaurant fire suppression systems were developed to solve the real world problem of how to protect a kitchen where appliances are moved around, rolled in and out for cleaning, or replaced with different appliances to accommodate changing menus. Overlapping coverage systems are also cost-effective where a lot of protection is needed. The chemical agent itself is a nearly neutral PH agent that can be safely cleaned up with water and a sponge.

Interactive Overview

Product Features & Advantages:

  • Convenience - Accurex coordinates all of the fieldwork saving you valuable time
  • Less On Site Time - Factory pre-piped systems require less jobsite installation time,
  • No Paperwork - Includes application for permits and performing puff tests
  • Professional - Factory systems look finished and professionally done
  • Solid Reputation - Ansul®  is the most recognized name in the industry with worldwide factory trained distribution
  • Meets NFPA 96 - requirements for wet chemical fire suppression systems
  • Flexibility - through non dedicated nozzles
  • Zone of Protection - Provides a virtual zone of protection where appliances of various types and sizes are protected by an overlapping wet chemical spray and fusible link detection
  • Fewer Nozzles – Industry leading 25.5 inch spacing

Options and Accessories

  • Stainless Tank Enclosures – provides a professional look
  • Flexible agent distribution hose - appliances can be rolled out for cleaning
  • Additional switches (2 SPDT is standard) – for additional  equipment shutdown as required
  • Additional Pull Stations (One is standard) – for large rooms with multiple exits
  • Metal Blow Off Caps - for high heat applications
  • Horn Strobes - for visual and audible emergency notification
  • K-Class handheld extinguishers – to meet NFPA 96 code requirements


The Restaurant Fire Suppression System is constructed in compliance with the following:

  • UL/ULC Listed per UL 300 fire test specifictions
  • New York City Department of Buildings (MEA)
  • Meets requirements of NFPA 96 (Standard for the Installation of Equipment for the Removal of Smoke and Grease-Laden Vapors from Commercial Cooking Equipment)
  • Meets requirements of NFPA 17A (Standard on Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems)
  • ABS - American Bureau of Shipping
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