Melink® Intelli-Hood® System

The Melink Intelli-Hood uses both heat sensors and optic sensors to monitor the cooking operation and modulate the airflow. The optic sensors provide additional control, especially in large cooking batteries containing steamers, kettles and other similar appliances that produce a lot of smoke or steam.

Product Features & Advantages:

  • Optic Sensors -  In addition to a primary temperature sensor in the duct collar, the Intelli-Hood System includes optic sensors to sense steam and/or smoke being generated from the cooking process. When as little as seven percent of the optics infrared beam is blocked, the exhaust fans are sent to full speed to capture the effluent.
  • Professional Service - Melink includes a factory start-up with the purchase of their system. This start-up includes a site visit from a Melink field technician to ensure that the system is installed correctly and programmed based on the application. The technician will also provide basic training to operators present during the start-up.
  • Control Large Systems - The system is designed to easily handle larger systems and can be easily programmed and monitored from its keypad control.
  • Increased Savings Reduces airflow by 50% or more during idle cooking periods generating more electrical, heating and cooling savings

The charts below are an example of how the cooking load in a restaurant may vary throughout the day and how the variable volume system generates monetary savings.

Chart 1 Chart 2
Figure 1 — The cooking load throughout the day varies significantly. However, the kitchen only requires maximum ventilation for a small percentage of the day. The shaded area represents the savings potential for a variable volume system. The dashed red line is showing fan operation at 100% regardless of cooking load. Figure 2 - A variable volume system will track the cooking load (dashed red line) and vary the exhaust and supply ventilation. The area above the red line represents energy savings

Going for LEED™ Certification?

The Vari-Flow Air Management System and the Melink Intelli-Hood system align with the following LEED credits and may contribute toward earning up to two LEED credits.

Innovation and Design Process

  • ID Credit 1 – Innovation in Design

Energy and Atmosphere

  • EA Credit 1 – Optimize Energy Performance


  • UL Listed to Standard 891
  • Complies with IMC 507.2.1.1
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